which Noe do you like best??

  1. The regular mono, mini lin ebene, or the azur?? Thanks
  2. I like the mono best :biggrin:
  3. well for me it's MC white, but it's not on your list so Azur!
  4. I like the mono best with the azur a close second (though I believe the latter has been discontinued).
  5. I like the mini lin, no vachetta to worry about.
  6. Cecilia is brilliant as always- the MC is gorgeous as well!
  7. I love the Damier Azur Noe.

    Is it being discontinued?
  8. the mono petit noe! less vachette!
  9. 1. Mono
    2. Azur
    3. Mini Lin

    But my all time favorite: BLACK MC!!!!!!!
  10. mono!
  11. The Mono then Azur. MMMM I am loving Azur the only thing I keep reading is that it mostly looks good with the brand new vachetta.
  12. mini lin! MINI LIN!
  13. mini lin or azur.
  14. noe: minilin -> mono -> azur
    petit noe: mono!
  15. I love azur the most!!