Which NM sells LV???

  1. i wanted to see if i could order something from there since i have a NM card.
  2. NM in Fashion Valley, CA sells it =]
  3. any closer like NY??
  4. Check louisvuitton.com :yes:
  5. It should show every store that sells LV. If there´s no NM listed in New York than I guess they don´t sell LV there:shrugs:
  6. yeah i just called....they said they think NJ sells it
  7. thanks
  8. Tysons Corner Neiman Marcus sells LV. If you didn't know, Tysons Corner is in Northern Virginia
  9. thanks
  10. NM in Short Hills, NJ sells LV
  11. If you have a current LV catalogue, check the back pages and it is listed by state which NM locations carry LV.
  12. at least 3 of them in TX do, The Houston Galleria, Shops at Willowbend and Northpark in Dallas do.
  13. i know the one in Newport Beach, CA does.