Which new Vernis Red are Limited Edition?

  1. Regarding the new Apple Red:
    What pieces are going to be limited Edition?
    If I am drooling over any should I try and get on a wait list??
    Thanks =)
  2. They will all be limited edition..as the pomme d'amour is a limited color, just like all the other vernis colors. There will be an enveloppe clutch and a heart coin purse though! HTH!
  3. Yeah the color in general will be limited like all other vernis colors, as blushingbaby said. The heart coin purse will be limited, but the envelope clutch is just a new addition to the vernis line :yes:
  4. vernis colours wont stay long, the current fresh red is the oldest colour stay until now ... and now they ready to replace it with new darker red
  5. Does anyone have a pic of the envelope purse, or know approx. how big it is?
  6. Looks like the Epi Envelop Clutch.
  7. Oh yay!! The envelope clutch is the one I wanted, now I have some time to save some more money, haha :biggrin:
  8. my SA said they will only produce the new color for six months and will stop sellling when they run out