Which new mulberry should I buy?

  1. Hello!

    I’d love your advice. I’ve already got a Bayswater and lily and absolutely adore them! I’d like to get another bag that’s an inbetween size, possibly that goes across the body but not too fussy. Could you recommend anything? I usually like classic style/looking bags that can go with anything.

    Any suggestions really appreciated! :smile:
  2. How about the small bayswater satchel? I have both the bags you have and also 2 SBS's - one in black and one in tan and love them. A great size and keeps its shape. I also like the small Amberley satchel which might be my next 'splurge'..
  3. I love the SBS! My boyfriend bought one from last year's sale and it is amazing. The bag isn't too big, but it can't fit a lot in! I would second this!