Which new Mulberry design is your favourite?

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  1. Dear Mulberry fans

    I know we all have our shares of our favourite Mulberry bags over the years. Since they changed the creative director, I have had some doubts about the new bags and stopped buying Mulberry for close to 2 years. Somehow though, the launch of the zipped bayswater brought my attention back to Mulberry and I am even starting to love the Clifton which I hated for a while due to the interior design. Now, I can officially declare that I am back in love with Mulberry bags again and some of the new designs are so gorgeous!

    I just want to know which new design is your favourite and which do you own? Have fun ladies!
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  2. I like the small seaton and harlow! Im also a fan of the small zipped bayswater, was very close to buy one during the sale in croc, but unfortunately did not. I love the croc print, it makes bags more sturdy and I also love the texture.

    I had a small maple that was so gorgeous and practical in a nice oxblood leather. Unfortunately I had a problem with the hardware so sent it back to have it repaired. But they could not fix it so they offered me a gift card instead (the bag is now sadly discontinued so I couldn't get a replacement either). I took the gift card but I really miss that bag, *sigh*..!
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  3. I really love the Amberley satchel.
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  4. I was a really big fan of the Brimley envelope, but it wasn't the right price point for me! I saw a similar one at the outlet but it was still $1000+. Great design, though!
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  5. I like the zipped bays, I think they look modern and professional and prefer them over the old style. I also like the lock on the Amberly style, although I have heard some initial complaints I think it looks unique and updated. The bags, in general, look more modern-professional now and I like the newer direction. And I like the huge range of colors for many items and not boring basics.
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  6. I also love the Marloes. So hard to choose between the Marloes and Amberley with the top handle. I have never ever been a fan of Mulberry but these two handbags have me stalking the website on the daily.
    E867F521-555E-4FC8-8549-EACD2B4C76F2.jpeg 53E26B9C-C4A7-405C-B37E-B5FB44CF48FC.jpeg
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  7. The Marloes, have you seen it in real life though? I was sooo in love with the Marloes especially the lighter colour one!! But when I saw it irl, i was a tad disappointed, there is just something strange about the flap, but the bag itself is so beautiful!!! Don't stalk, go for it!! :P
  8. Agree with everything you say, and the quality of the bags with the price-point I would say is still one of the best in the industry. Barely hear anyone complaining about Mulberry bags' quality as compared to Chanel etc.
  9. Did you get the bag in the end?!?!
  10. Awww sorry to hear about your bag, do you think you are able to get a pre-loved one on the market? Have you used the gift card yet? I love the croc-embossed bags as well!! They just make the bags look way more expensive than it is!! I have the medium lily in black croc emobossed and I get so many compliments when I use it. I have friends who are obsessed with the seaton, I guess it is very lady-like hehe. You know what to do now, get a small zipped bayswater with your gift card! It is really a very functional bag and the new material is so light now!! You won't regret it :smile:
  11. Love the new selby hobo. Just pulled the trigger and purchased. I had such a difficult time choosing the colour. This is my first bag purchase under JC. I’m hoping it will wear well.
  12. I love love love the amberley satchel. Bought it in oak and have been so pleasantly surprised how versatile it is and how much I’ve used it already. I’m also quite liking the seaton in the mini size, if it came in grey I’d be all over that too!
  13. Mine will be Small Zipped Bays, both small and regular Seaton, the small Lynton that I couldn't resist.
    Have to agree that lately seems like JC has found the direction he wants to bring Mulberry into, and I'm glad for them
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  14. I own a Small Zipped Bayswater in Oxblood and it is a great bag. I like the design, and the fact that you don't need to use the Postman's Lock to open and close the bag means it is less fussy and keeps the hardware from scratching. I also like zips on a bag, so this also sold it for me! Despite the fact it is a small, it fits lots of things too, so it is practical too.

    I also like the look of the Harlow Satchel. I like the pink colour, but I wish there were more pictures of the inside of the bag.
  15. A Hobo is never a mistake, it's so easy to carry and sits right on your shoulder without falling off! Let us know how you feel about it after a few months of wearing it! I am sure you won't regret it!