Which new monogram bag? Totally PM or Montorgueil PM?

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  1. I'm looking for a new shoulder strap mono bag - here's what I have so far - which should I add the Totally or Montorgueil? (I do need something with a zipper for traveling so that leaves out the Wilshire or Batignolles and not too crazy about the Estrela)

    Galliera PM
    Cabas Piano (and oldie but goodie)

    Neverful MM
    Rivington GM

    Totally PM

    I'm tempted to get another Totally because it's so darn functional - but don't really want two of the same style. Do you think the Montorgueil looks too much like the Rivington? Sorta wish I hadn't bought the Rivington GM because it's kinda big on me. Also thinking that about the Galliera (I'm 5'0" and 95 pounds - so I'm pretty small).

    Thanks everyone in advance for your suggestions!
  2. I vote Montorgueil. I had considered this one when I made my last LV purchase and decided agaisnt it...and regretted it since!
  3. Montogueil!
  4. monty! it is such an underated bag, but SO GREAT!
  5. Of those, I would say the Monty. I also suggest the Popincourt Haut. It's super light and comfortable on the shoulder, but if you adjust the straps, it can be a handheld bag. I think the PH is one of the most underrated bags.
  6. I vote Monty...this is my most used bag. It can be dressed up or down!
  7. Get the Monty. You already have a Totally in Azur.
  8. i like the Galliera! (5'3") but its not a nice price , the Montorgueil much cheaper leaving the extra money for some fun accesories.
  9. I don't like Monty nor Totally! But I like PH a lot! What about Tivoli or Palermo? It would be a little different from what you already have!
  10. Oh, no - I just checked all three of my local stores and they are sold out of the Monty PM :sad: :sad:

  11. The Tivoli GM is too big and I was told the PM is a hand-held, not shoulder bag. Palermo is a possibility..... checking it out now....
  12. I already have the Galliera - I almost think it's a little big for me and also it doesn't zip for travel.
  13. That is a nice bag - don't know why I overlooked it! I'm going out today to see just what my local stores have. It seems that we are headed for another LV shortage like last year! All the stores seem low on stock.
  14. monty!!
  15. I have the Monty pm and it is one of my most used bags. I love how much it fits and still remains lightweight, and its so darn cute!