Which new LV should I buy?

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  1. My next LV will either be an Epi Speedy 25 or a Vernis Bedford. I already have Denim mini pleaty, black m/c Eliza and Brown Suede Limited Edition Onatah GM.

    Should I go for the Epi Speedy or Vernis Bedford?

    Thanks for your input.
  2. I love the Vernis line, so I'll have to go with the bedford.
    What colors do you like?
  3. I like that line too. I was thinking indigo blue or noisette (I think it is the same as hazelnut?)

    I thought the blue would look great with jeans although I already have denim mini pleaty. The noisette is a great neutral color.

    What do you think?

    Thanks for your input. I really have to save up for this one!
  4. bedford.
  5. Epi speedy 25
  6. i like them both! can't really go wrong with either bag. sorry, i guess that doesn't help you make a decision.
  7. The multicolor eliza.
  8. Epi Speedy!! You won't regret it and it always looks great. I get more compliments on my Red Epi Speedy than any other bag.
  9. Thanks for your honesty. Think i'm leaning towards Epy but I'll have to really check them out more carefully at the LV store. Seems like once you get 1 LV you just keep thinking about which one to buy next!
  10. epi speedy! vernis is my favorite, but the bedford is kind of awkward ...I had one and sold it. I loooooove my epi speedy though!
  11. epi speedy is gorgeous =)
  12. I'm of no help, I got both - speedy first then bedford
  13. vernis bedford!! vernis is a gorgeaus line!