Which new bag?

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Which one?

  1. Small Phoebe

  2. Large Phoebe

  3. Candace Carryall

  4. Tote

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. #1 Apr 22, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2014
    I am currently looking for a new bag primarily for work use so it needs to clean and professional looking. I will be caring usual purse things along with iPad mini and some snacks. I tend to carry medium bags but sometimes it would be nice to have extra room in a bag especially during the winter since I will be having to carry a pair of gloves and a scarf too. I also like separate compartments so I do not end up with a black hole since I am extremely organized. I have a few ideas of what I may want but I am not a 100% sold on any one bag. If anyone has any ideas I would like to hear them but, for now I am torn between a Candace Carryall, Small Phoebe and Large Phoebe. Also it needs to work over a jacket for winter time and I prefer to carry on my shoulder.
  2. I have two small Phoebes, but I voted for the large Phoebe for you. I carry the usual purse things, a Kindle, and some snacks/crayons/etc for DD. My small Phoebe isn't stuffed, but I'm not sure I would have extra room for a scarf and gloves (but I haven't actually tried so I don't know). I love my Phoebes - they are lightweight and I can access all of the compartments easily. If you like compartments, I think Phoebe would be a great fit.

    As for the Candace - I bought the small one last year and the breakaway zipper drove me nuts! I only used the bag a few times because of it and eventually sold it.
  3. Thank you, yes there is not much difference between the large and the small phoebe to me. I had the small candace but sold her to fund something else the zipper didn't bother me but I usually kept it open.
  4. reg candace
  5. Get the large pheobe, it literally has everything youre looking for.
  6. I love the medium size Candace. The small is too small for what you need and the straps don't fit on the shoulder. The newer Candaces don't have the break-away zipper. I have the older version with the break-away zipper and this is the only bag that it doesn't bother me on. I think Candace, being more of a tote style, looks more professional than Phoebe.

    I've heard that the Phoebe straps don't work over a coat. I think Candace has more room for the things you need. It doesn't really have compartments, but it has pockets. I think compartments might make it harder to fit larger things like a scarf.

    There are plenty of totes that might work well if you need more room. Most of them don't have outside pockets or compartments, but they tend to have a more generous strap drop. You could use a purse organizer to make it more organized. The saffiano pocket tote made for factory is nice because it has outside pockets. A saffiano tote is very business looking.
  7. I voted for large Phoebe. I have one and love it. It is a sophisticated bag and the leather is incredible. Mine is very soft and squishy. I like the compartments for organization and have had no issue wearing it over my winter coat. :smile:
  8. I have a small and large Phoebe, a medium Candace, and a couple of totes. While I can see benefits for using all of them, I like the Large Saffiano City Tote. It has more than enough room for anything that you would need to carry (including a laptop), has the usual zip pocket and multifunction pockets, but it also has another large pocket secured by snaps. And, it's simple design is classy and works well for the office. There are other sizes if the large is too large.
  9. I second the vote for the Large Saffiano City Tote. Over the years I have picked up quite a number of work bags that never seemed to fit all the needs I was looking for but after finding this, it is truly the perfect work bag...so perfect in fact that I now own it in three different colors and have used one every single day for work without ever thinking to change into another work bag! Hope you find exactly what you're looking for...I know how challenging the work bag/purse hunt can be!
  10. Hello ladies thank you all for your suggestions I am looking into all of them at the moment along with weighing the pros and cons for each. I will let you know what I decide to get as soon as I know lol.