Which New B Bag To Get Next

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  1. Hi All

    I just need your opinions as to what bag to get next! I already have Rouille City, Rose Work and White First.

    I have put my name on the next shipment for a Black City and White City. However, they also have one of the current colours in store (eg. Blueberry, Grey and Camel) . So your opinions would be much appreciated. Thanks....
  2. What colors do YOU like? What colors do you usually wear?
  3. I'd say gray or camel. But that is just me.....it really depends on your wardrobe.
  4. I was thinking the Black City because its just so versitile. However, I thought, I could get that later and go for a seasonal colour that, like the Blueberry....Oh I'm so stuck....
  5. I vote for the black city. I have two blue b bags (sky blue and indigo) and find that I don't get nearly as much use out of them as I do my black city. The black city is a CLASSIC and goes with EVERYTHING!!! Every girl should have one!!
  6. i always think you can't go wrong with a black b0bag.
  7. Black
  8. i have a grey first and i love it. it goes with all my clothes.
  9. I agree!:yes:
  10. If you don't have a particular color you like for this season, then get the black City.
  11. well, I'd say get the blueberry city! how much fun is that color!

    but black is great for fall! its hard to make a wrong choice with bbags!
  12. I have the black City and I adore it, carry it almost everyday. My Blueberry City gorgeous too. It will be my jeans bag. I decided tonight I dont like my Ink First, too small...it must go (unless my daughter takes it)... I like the City best...
  13. Can you adopt me? :graucho:
  14. me too !
  15. You must go for India blue:yes: :yes: