Which Neverfull GM to choose?

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  1. Debating. When I went last time to look at them they didn't have it in rose in the size I wanted. Now they have the azur in rose and the mono is fuscia. I feel like the azur is more a spring / summer color and the mono is all year round? But oh goodness me. I love them both.

    Yes I can only choose one. I don't yet have a tote in my collection.

    What do you all think?


  2. I love love love my Damier Azur Neverfull GM!! I have the original one without a lining color and pouchette, so it's a light beige inside. It has absolutely been a workhorse. I did get a Rose Ballerine Mono MM and recently sold it. I'm just so drawn to the Azur print. I've used it year round, I don't think it's just a "spring/summer" bag. JMO
  3. I'd go with the azur RB. Something about azur is so refreshing and stands out in the crowd. Really a head turner...
  4. I love my Azur and used it in the winter. It cheered me up!
  5. I love the azur, but if I could only pic one it would be mono. I use my mono ones way over the azur.
  6. Any worries of color transfer with the azur? It sits up higher.
  7. I prefer the mono - that lining is :drool:
  8. I just got the DA neverfull with RB interior and I love it. Must admit I was a bit torn between these two but the DA is perfect for summer :smile:
  9. I would go for the mono, I really like the interior color! I have yet to own any DA items, I always worry too much about color transfer issues.
  10. Mono is more year round but I do prefer the Azur. I personally only carry Azure in summer.
  11. Just from those pics the Azur with Rose is so pale. Just looks sickly pale while the mono with fuchsia looks so rich and full of color. I haven't seen either in person.
  12. My vote is Mono!
  13. Both are pretty but I think the interior of the Azur is just a little too light.
  14. I vote for mono, but Azur is season for me… largely because of the weather here. In warmer climates, I think Azur could be year round. Plus, I love the color in the mono interior. GL in your decision ~ they are both beautiful!
  15. Can't go wrong with either but I prefer the mono.
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