Which Neverfull for Schoolbag?

  1. I'm on a waitlist for the Neverfull MM. Is it a good size or too small for a schoolbag?
  2. The MM would be good for school.
  3. I'm 5'4, so I think the GM would be too big for me...but how much fits in it?
  4. i'm going to use my neverfull mm when i go back to school this fall. i'd really rather wait for the damier neverfull though....seems like it would keep much better.
  5. Perfect size! I'm contemplating getting me one soon ;)
  6. perfect size. my GF just got on as she is going back to school in late Aug.
  7. The MM was too small for my school books so I got the GM. I like it because you can still clench the sides with books and a computer in it. I'm 5'4" and kind of small, so it looks big on me, but not too ridiculous.
  8. good choice. My SA told me it'll hold up to 200 lbs, isn't that amazing? ;)
  9. Yes good size the GM is huge!
  10. I'm going to buy a LV-bag in my last high school-year to pass for my exams classy and stylish ;) But I'm not sure which one! I loooove the Neverfull model, but I'd like something you can zip!
    Good luck with your Neverfull though, Purecandy! :smile:
  11. I think the MM is a good size. I use mine for work & I fit tons of stuff in it. I love it!
  12. mm. I've been using it during summer school fits my laptop, notebooks and books. I think gm is too large.
  13. i have the MM and have been using it as my work bag since June...it fits lots of things when its not bunched up at the side, the ties never hold and it drives me crazy! Also, the top slouches and that drives me crazy too! Oh well, I got it for work so I didn't have to worry about throwing it around and placing it under my desk.

    Hope it works out for you!
  14. I think the GM is too big IMO... I think the MM would be perfect for school.
  15. I just got a GM. The MM was too small for me!