Which neutral do you prefer?

  1. When choosing a neutral colored purse, which color do you feel is more versatile AND fashionable....black or brown/tan?

    Or do you prefer some other color as your "neutral?"
  2. I have a Cole-Haan that is black with brown stitching and silver rivets. That's my neutral, because it goes with whatever I wear! Then I have brown solids with different "feels" - like hippie, structured, etc.
  3. I just love brown/tan handbags.
  4. ^^^^^^ me too!
  5. I love a rich brown bag.
  6. I have more black in my wardrobe, so a black neutral bag works better for me than brown.
  7. Oh, I wish I would have seen this thread last night. eBay had a Gryson Skye in brown and I thought it wasn't neutral enough because I always wear black. It sold for $439. Oh, the regret...:crybaby:
  8. I like black, grey, chocolate brown, tan and sand.

    The only thing I tend to avoid is neutrals with a lot of yellow in them (e.g. yellowish brown), as they don't suit me.
  9. My Botkier trigger luxe in bronze is my new neutral. It goes with pretty much everything except silver. I love it!

    Also - I have an Anna Corinna mini-city tote in olive. It really does go with everything!