Which neutral birkin 35 would you choose?

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  1. I'd like to get a Birkin 35 to use when I need to carry my laptop (i.e. to work, for travel, etc). I want to build a collection of colorful Hermes bags, but I'm realizing that it would be helpful if I also had something neutral that would go with everything I wear. I think I've narrowed it down to the following bag colors, but would love your thoughts on anyone who has these bags...how easy are they to pair with anything? I tend to wear neutrals, but do also love throwing in a bright jewel-toned outfit from time to time, so I'd prefer a bag that would work with colorful outfits, too.

    Here are the contenders...


    Gris Tourterelle:
    Gris T.jpg

    Vert Cypress:
    Screen Shot 2020-01-27 at 7.27.38 PM.png

    Personally, I LOVE the Vert Cypress. It feels black-ish, but more unique. It's gorgeous! However, I worry that it would be less versatile and that I should get something that is strictly a neutral with no hint of color. What do you think?

    And I'm open if there are other to-die-for neutrals you love :smile:

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  2. Etain and Gris mouette! And gold. Indigo. Bleu nuit!
  3. I love my b35 Etoupe. It’s such a beautiful color. So between those 3 choices I’d go with Gris Tourterelle
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  4. Gris Tourterelle... or Etain! Such a gorgeous grey - especially with GHW
  5. I mean...black is black. I'd say all of the neutral colors that have been listed are nice, so go with what your heart desires, if not just do black!

    Just to add though, are you purchasing pre-loved (just because that's what the photos look like)? In this case, condition of the bag / price is IMO the most important factor, especially when all the classic neutral H colors are going to be wonderful. So I'd focus on those things besides the color!
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  6. I love black, but also the vert cypress. IMO it would go with anything. Although I have not seen it in person.
  7. I also share with you a love for Vert Cyprès. That one gets my vote!
  8. Gris Tourterelle is beautiful. I have a B30 in this color. Do you know where you can find one? This color is lighter so you will need to be a bit more careful with it, but it will go with anything and is different (and prettier in my opinion) than the standard black.
  9. i love gris t but i think black would be a better choice since black is less maintenance and easier to pair with outfits if you're planning to use to work, travels.
  10. I have vert cypress so I’m biased. I think it goes with a lot of outfits depending on hardware color!!!
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  11. Any beige/tan/grey gets my vote: etain, etoupe, gris asphalt, etc. Vert Cypress would come in after that.
  12. Etain, or black will go with literally everything. Plus, they are dark enough where they are super easy maintenance wise. Everyone needs a black birkin in my opinion. If you plan on collecting B’s for awhile, you will end up with a black B one day. Why not now?

    Etoupe is a no for me. Too much brown. I had one, then gave it to my mom.

    Gris T.. lovely but also too light (read: high maintenance)... also leans kinda Brown In the newer batch
  13. Black is incredibly useful and versatile and always appropriate except with the lightest floatiest warm weather gear. I think Vert Cyprès, if you can find it, is close enough to black to wear almost everywhere, and is an AMAZING color, so that gets my vote.

    Gris T is gorgeous but a warm gray neutral is less versatile IMO, and being a light color will show dirt/wear/color transfer more easily.

    I will always vote for Hermès Gold as a neutral. I have a black B35 and a "gold" colored one (natural Barenia), and used to have Gold Clemence. These colors are beautiful and just supremely useful.
  14. Etoupe and Etain are popular neutral color and I've seen many score these for b & k in the retail. As for Gris Tourette most propably a higher chance to look for preloved.
  15. I wouldn’t go with black. A lot of brands have beautiful black bags but a birkin is 12’000 dollars, might as well get something unique. I would go with something special like vert cypress. It‘s definitely a classy color and timeless. If you plan to get more birkins in the future you could also go with black now. I just think it isn‘t as special for a bag. Hermes has a wide range of color options who are beautiful and unique.