Which Neonoe?

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  1. 0B2C265F-F865-459E-B378-3456A584ACCB.jpeg 162C0723-2998-4D8E-A9A6-BBB482DD3E46.jpeg I’m interested in a Neonoe as a replacement for my Kabuki NF which is defective.
    My CA is keeping both for me for me to choose.
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  2. 98569D00-1322-40C3-88A3-190D373234C8.jpeg I also like this!
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  3. I definetely would choose SAC DUFFLE :loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes:
  4. I would choose the second Neonoe because it’s unique but I love the design of the last picture!
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  5. I have both neonoe in rose ballerina and the duffle bag in monogram! Totally loving these two!
  6. From the choices I would get the neonoe cherry berry
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  7. Me too.

    I like classic bags.
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  8. Same here!
  9. Thank you all, for your input! I love the duffle, it’s so unique and sophisticated. I’m hesitant to buy it as I don’t have experience with a bag with that much Vachetta. I feel that I should wait to see if another leather version is produced in the future. The lovely dark blue version is no longer available.
  10. Where are you located? The website says there's 3 stores in the US that still have it.

    Most of my bags have vachetta and only one of my bags has rain spots. I didn't know sprays were a thing for vachetta back then, but I spray all my bags now. So far, my bags have survived light rain with no problems. As the vachetta ages and gains a patina, it becomes less prone to water marks, with or without protective spray. As the patina gets darker, the water marks also become less noticeable.

    Between neonoe and duffle, it depends on how much you want to carry. Personally, I prefer the damier ebene option for the neonoes. I think the black and white/gray has too much going on. It's distracting in a bad way for me. I think neonoe is casual and duffle is a dressier casual, like chic casual.

    Also, my sa said that duffle is now permanent. I dont know if that's going to influence your choice, but I believe all the damier versions of neonoe are currently advertised as limited/seasonal.
  11. I'd go for the first Neonoe :smile:
  12. I like the black and white neonoe. It’s fun and I like when LV puts a spin on a classic bag.
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  13. Neonoe Cherryberry :heart: The Black/white is interesting but think I would tire of all the colors. Just a bit busy for me. Not sure how much the duffle holds but it’s certainly a stunner. :cool:
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  14. Neo Noe in cherry berry......
  15. Cherry berry vote here
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