Which Neiman's....

  1. carry channel???? Any personal recommendations? TIA.
  2. Beverly Hills - Janine
  3. San Francisco sells Chanel.
  4. La Cantera in San Antonio ask for Stephanie
  5. Short Hills, New Jersey
  6. King of Prussia,PA(MANNY)
  7. ^^Michelle Chung is great at KOP as well. 610-354-0500, ext. 2180. Tell her Toni sent you.
  8. Palo Alto NM, my favorite SA there is Haddy Lau:tup:
  9. ^ haddy is the sweetest person ever. She let me return my black coco cabas even though I had it for 2 months. I simply changed my mind and got sick of it and she refunded me without hesitation.
  10. Houston does as does the Shops of Willowbend in Dallas TX, ask for Shannon, she's awesome!
  11. Troy, MI and my favorite SA is Lisa hamlin.
  12. Ditto!
  13. Double ditto!
  14. I totally second this recommendation!
  15. Las Vegas NM, at Fashion Show Mall