Which Neiman Marcus Sell LV?

  1. Hi, sorry if this has already been posted but im having a hard time finding the answer..even with search...

    do you guys know which Neiman Marcus sell LV ( esp of any in Florida, NY, NJ or CT)

    after getting my in circle card, I am thinking of getting the points for LV if I can!! TIA
  2. i just found the answer..they have one in the NM at short hills, NJ and the have one in Ft Lauderdale NM....i used the store locator button on the LV.com...

    im so happy.. im going to make all my LV purchases at NM on the double point days!!:yahoo:
  3. I have bought a number of LV bags at Neimans in Vegas. FYI if they don't ave something you are looking for they can get bags from other stores and transfer them in or you can call another Neimans and ship...
    when s the next double points day????
  4. The NM in Coral Gables, FL sells LV also.
  5. Thanks guys! Im not sure when the next double points day is but i'll post when they tell me...

    handbag*girl, do you think i can order LV over the phone..if i call a nm that sells vuitton, if i tell them what i want, do you think they'll send it to me even if i've never been there before?

    I really dont live near any of the NM that sell LV..so it be so much easier for me if i could just order them over the phone..
  6. :ty:
  7. Neimans San Diego is also an option!:p