Which necklace to get?

  1. I can afford to get only one necklace out of these three - which should I go with? :yahoo: It's really hard to find the 2nd and 3rd Marni ones (I finally located the last one and can buy that now - missed out on the 2nd a while back on ebay --> should I wait for that one or buy one of the others???)



  2. who is the first one by its gorgeous. definitely gets my vote!
  3. Another vote for the first one.
  4. I love the second one
  5. i love the first one! :heart:
  6. Another vote for the first one.. it's so pretty!! The third one is cute too =)
  7. i love the second one!
  8. I prefer the first one. I think it is less trendy of the three and will go with more.
  9. First one!
  10. i like the first one.
  11. i like the first one the most.
  12. If the first one is exactly like the one on Nicole Richie.. I LOVE IT!

    If not, number 2.
  13. D&G it's the exact same one! I love it and must have it I think lol. I wanted it for a long time, but I love Marni too. Hard decision! I think though if I can't find #2 then I'll get the gold one. I'll get #2 if I can ever find it again! I could kick myself....
  14. Oh yea :yes: get number 1. That necklace is the bomb!!!!! :yahoo:
  15. love the first and second one!