Which necklace should I get?? Help please??

  1. Which one should I get? Thanks in advance!!

    (pics from jewelrysprite.com)



  2. i love the blue
  3. it kinda reminds me of the necklace in Titanic
  4. I will go with the starfish :smile:
  5. blue!
  6. oh come on... Its the heart of the Ocean :p
  7. it does for me too! I'd go w/ #1 as well, mainly because of this reason...Titanic was, and still is, one of my fav. movies! :p
  8. I like the blue heart!
  9. i really like the heart! that blue heart does remind me of the titanic...since somebody mentioned it. ahhh...
  10. I like the starfish better.
  11. The blue stands out more, but the starfish is SOOO cute. I'm no help haha. I'd probably go with the starfish though.
  12. I prefer the starfish.
  13. starfish
  14. The starfish. It's gorgeous.
  15. The heart necklace is beautiful!