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Jul 7, 2019
I’m not sure whether to get the MOP with YG or the Chalcedony in WG. I think both white or yellow gold look fine on me although l’m not keen on gold which is very strongly yellow against my skin. My initial plan was to go for the MOP as it is beautiful and white would go with everything, but l also really like the chalcedony. Which do you prefer? please help me pick. I‘m looking for an everyday necklace so the stone can’t be too delicate. I do take my jewellery off when l shower, but it needs to be able to cope with normal everyday wear and occasionally getting rained on (l live in the UK).

Also for everyday wear and a first purchase, would you recommend the Vintage or Sweet size? I’m just over 5’ but l’m not especially into dainty jewellery just looking for something that is not too big or too small. Essentially, a necklace that could work on its own or when layered with another piece.

Any suggestions on which to go for would be much appreciated. I’d love to visit a store to try them on but unfortunately with Covid-19 and living a very long way away from a store rules that out.

Any modelling shots or size comparison shots would also be really helpful. Thanks :smile:
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Sep 27, 2013
Definitely vintage as it is certainly on the small side. I think the MOP would go with far more, and onyx would be the other most worn for me. The chalcedony is beautiful, but I don't think it goes with as much as white or black would. If you like white gold on your skin more, why not get the MOP in white gold instead of yg?


Apr 8, 2007
Bay Area
Definitely get vintage size. I prefer MOP due to its versatility but chalcedony is very pretty and unique too. MOP comes in WG as well :smile:


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Jan 12, 2007
Pacific Northwest
I would definitely try chalcedony before buying it, unless you know for sure. I love it but not everyone does. If you are more fair, I think it can disappear more. I'm more tanned, so it pops more on me. I would say YG MOP is safer if you can't try it on.

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Totally agree. I’m darker than the person pictured here and it didn’t show up! Such a gorgeous stone, but it appeared too milky for me.
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