Which Nano for my first Celine?

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  1. This will be my first Celine and I'm hoping to use this bag as an everyday bag. I'll go to work, the park, run errands with this bag. Which one would u choose?

    The first is black and white with nubuck wings. Can anyone comment on how the nubuck feels.

    The second is actually a micro but it looks the same in nano. It is watersnake.

    Thanks so much.

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  2. I almost bought the Watersnake Nano but bought another Chanel bag instead and I really like it and love the fact that the skin isn't dry or flaky like Python.... I also love my Nano with Nubuck wings and haven't had any trouble with the durability and I think the Nubuck looks and feels amazing! Can't wait to see what you choose as they're both beautiful :smile:

  3. Thanks stylevialauren,
    I really like the black and white Nano but I do think that I wish the wings were leather rather than nubuck. I'm not used to the feel of nubuck. Maybe I need try it.

    I love the Watersnake but I'm worried about having to be careful with it and also color transfer.

  4. To me Nubuck feels just like suede....I fell in love with this Nano but the worry of color transfer got the best of me...

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  5. That is a beautiful bag and yes I understand about the color transfer.

    I finally tried the black and white with the nubuck and I really like it. I like the use of different textures. I'm leaning towards that one.

    Which Chanel did u get instead?
  6. I like both bags but do think the black & white with Nubuck will give you more options :smile:

    I bought a two tone mini bowling bag that I just adore then a bag I'd been looking for a long time, a green classic Mini, came in so I couldn't resist!
  7. B/W for sure girl
  8. Can you pick an all black nano instead? I ended up using an all black Nano so much more than the colored ones. So practical and easy. No worries with color transfer or rain too! To add color, just attach cute bag charms :smile: Hope that helps!

  9. What color is this nano?
  10. The picture is of a white Nano that came out for Summer :smile:
  11. Love the watersnake!