Which nano colour?

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  1. I'm getting my first Celine and have decided on a nano which I want to use casual during the day then for evening too (dinner etc).

    I’m considering:

    I currently have a black Gucci soho disco, black Prada double bag and Louis Vuitton neverfull de.
  2. I'd pick souris as it's a very versatile color.
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  3. i'm partial to the Souris.
  4. Souris gets my vote!
  5. If this is your first nano, probably Souris. But the new celadon color looks quite pretty online! That one’s tempting me...
  6. I think Celadon looks really good on picture. Black always works, but its easy to find another black bag...
  7. I just saw the celadon at Saks today! Quite beautiful!!

    It also happens to be a pretty exact shoe of my nail color :smile:

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  8. Souris is a beautiful colour in real life. I had a Micro Luggage in Souris and honestly it was the prettiest bag ever
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