Which Nancy Gonzales clutch???

  1. I always wanted a Nancy Gonzales clutch but didn't see any color I wanted or the shape I was crazy about. However, Saks.com has these two Nancy Gonzales clutch that I just totally love! Love the size and color, plus shape. But can't decide which one I should get. Please HELP!! :sos:

    IN RED



  2. I like the regular clutch, not the red bar clutch personally.

    I think both colors are great, but I would buy the green only b/c I already have a brown clutch... ;)
  3. I love the green!!!!
  4. I love the green too!

    Incidentally, I own another Nancy Gonzalez crocodile clutch (pic below), and its a great investment. Good luck.
    NG clutch.JPG
  5. Do you have a picture of you holding you nancy clutch? If you do, can you share? thanks
  6. kinda like the red shape and color, but i wonder what it'll look like in person. the flash might have made it too bright? also, i'm always in neutral or dark colors, so i like to have shoes or clutches that pop. you might want to think about your wardrobe.
  7. I LOVE the red one. The design is unique without being too unusual, and the color will add a pop of color to anything you wear. I like the green one, but find it rather standard
  8. If it's for evening then I say get the red. You can't go wrong with either though.
  9. red!!!!!!!!
  10. They are so different. I think the red is more casual than the brown/green. It really depends on what you are looking for.
  11. I'm looking for a clutch for evening night out.

    What do you ladies think about the shape of the green clutch but in color red?
  12. the shape of the green one is my preference, but the red is what throws me off...i am not a "bright color" person too much, and the red seems very bold.
  13. I was leading toward wanting red nancy gonzalez clutch from Saks.com until I saw this nancy clutch in red from neimanmarcus.com. Do you think its the same color but it looks different b/c of lighting? :confused1:

    From Saks.com

    From neimanmarcus.com
  14. You are probaly right about the color and the lighting.. the red color on the Neiman page looks alot nicer, IMO...
    I like the shape of the one at Neiman alot.

  15. NM San Antonio has the red clutch and it is gorgeous in person. The red is to die for.