Which name to pick??


Which Boy Name!!!

  1. Gaetano Nino

  2. Gaetano Filippo

  3. Gaetanino

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  1. I can't make up my mind which name to pick? Please help!!!
  2. sorry but the 1st and 3rd is there a difference in meaning? all the names doesn't sound familar to me so i'm completely lost here :sweatdrop:. good luck with name choosing, i understand what u going through :true:
  3. I like the 2nd one the best.

  4. The reason why they don't sound familar is because alot of people don't know those names because they are straight from italy real italian names..And i was tring to figure out if i wanted to put nino as a middle name or use it as a whole name..The 3rd name is my fathers name so it is a real name if thats what you meant by your comment!!
  5. thanks for the clarification :smile:
  6. Gaetano Filippo sounds very elegant!
  7. I like Gaetano Filippo as well :biggrin:
  8. ^ Me too.
  9. the 2nd one is cute!
  10. My only comment is that if you live in a non-Italian community/country, you may want to pick a name that is still ethnic/culture that won't get slaughtered every time someone sees the name. Like how "DO" you pronounce it? Or, if you do choose a name that isn't obvious how to pronouce, are you OK with people saying it wrong ALWAYS even with correction? etc.

    Personally, I LOVE that people take cultural names, but I think it should be well thought out. My husband's ex-girlfriend and her husband live in Austria, but they are both from Croatia. Initially they had picked out a name that is hard to say in Croatian and IMPOSSIBLE to know how to say in any other country. So, in the end, they chose Benjamin (pronounced Benyameen).

    A couple at a group I attend had a boy recently and their names are SOOOO not ethnic (Kevin and Amanda) but their last name is VERY Italian and so they chose Benicio and call him Ben. This way the child can choose what he prefers as he gets older and it's also preserving cultural names.

    Just my two cents!
  11. First off, congratulations on your pregnancy. Secondly, I would like to applaud you for keeping your cultural heritage alive and choosing a name that is representative of that. My husband and I are both Greek and we also chose names for our children that are representative of our culture. Who cares if others don't "get" it or "slaughter" the name as they try and pronounce it. I don't think it is necessary to make your child's name "more English sounding" so that strangers can understand. I think it is extremely important to teach our children as they are growing up to value where they came from and be proud of their heritage. If they learn these values, then others opinions on them not having a generic, easily pronounceable name will be irrelevant to them. Rather, they will see the history behind their name and be proud of it. That said, originally I like the first name better but upon reading your explanation, I choose the third name. I like the idea of family history being passed down through a name and love the idea that your son would be "given" his grandfather's name. We did the same with our children. My first child has my husband's father's name and my baby girl has my grandmother's name. All the best to you for a speedy delivery and healthy, happy baby and mommy!
  12. I'm sorry if my post came off as I don't like your choices. I was just trying to put out something maybe you hadn't thought about (the unable to pronounce thing). As I said, choose an ethnic name is great, but it does have effects in MANY ways.

    I'm perhaps sensitive to it because my husband's name is Sven and NO ONE can say it. I don't know why. He's either Swen or even more commonly Seven!!!! He gets really tired of it, so when it came time to name our children, he wanted it to be something people here in the US could "get" and people back home should "get". But that's just us.

    Picking names is just hard in my experience. You are labeling a child FOR LIFE and you want to feel it's a good choice and not have your child somewhere down the line say, "Why did you give me such a _____ name?" No matter how proud we are of that name and how it came to be, outside influencers do come into play.

    I know I certainly wish my first name had some MEANING to it besides it being a soap opera name my Mom just liked. DH has a Swedish name and he's not Swedish. His mom just really liked Dag Hammarskjold and Swedish people in general, so chose Sven and she liked that NO ONE else had that name. DH has always been annoyed with it... go figure.

    I'll be curious to see what my kids think of their names as they get older! LOL
  13. Yeah i understand what everyone is saying..But like biggestbaglover said i can care less if people can't say my kids name..My daughters name is Antonella and let me you guys everyday i hear people say how do you say that..So it doesn't really bother me at all..I just need some help because i have a problem with picking the name..Because my dad wants me to name the baby after him because it's the first BOY in our family we are all girls..Yeah i said it right 6 daughters and 4 grand daughters so it's a really big deal to my dad..
  14. So i guess i need to explain this a little more..So my grandpa's name is Gaetano.(Nickname "Guy").
    My dad is adpoted and when he was born his name on the BC is Filippo but when my grandparents adpoted him they changed his name to Gaetanino..And all my family in italy calls him Nino..(by the way my parents were born and raised in italy so they are off the boat LOL).
    So my dad asked us to name our son Nino after him and i love that name but my husband is not that crazy about it..So i was like we can do the name Gaetanino after my dad and nickname him Nino or do Gaetano Nino and still use Nino or Guy..Or we can do his name of which is on his BC
    Gaetano Filippo and that will have both my grandpa and my dad..Which i was really close to my grandpa..So as you guys can see i'm really needing some help LOL..
  15. I love Gaetano Nino. Gorgeous.