Which name do you like best?

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Which name do you like best?

  1. Ariel Grace (Ariel is of course Disney)

  2. Keira Grace (Keira after Elizabeth Swann in POTC)

  3. Ariel Keira calling her Ariel

  4. Keira Ariel calling her Keira

  5. Kathryn Elizabeth (Katey-Beth) Elizabeth Swann, and my name is Beth

  6. Ava Grace (I love Ava but it's sooo popular right now)

  7. Something else......if so what?

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. My husband and I are thankfully almost ready to bring our daughter home from China. We have been in the adoption process for almost 3 years now. Anyway we have changed her name over and over and have finally got it narrowed down a bit and I would love opinions. Of course I know when I finally lay eyes on my daugher I may change my mind but as of now I love the following names. Let me add that we are both huge Disney names so it just seemed right to add a Disney touch to her name.
  2. I like Ava Grace, but her name will probably come to you when you see her. Congrats on your new daughter. I too want to adopt one day when my Fiancé and I are ready for kids. :heart:
  3. Just out of curiosity, how old is the child? Have you considered keeping her Chinese name?
  4. She will be approx. 8 months to 15 months old. We will not know until we get our referral which hopefully will be here before the end of the year.

    We have thought of adding or combing her Chinese name with the name we choose depending on what it is. Usually though in China the children are named after the province they are in. For example all children from a specific province will have variations of the same name.
  5. Oh and Kirsten if you ever get ready just let me know, after 3 years of paperwork, evaluations, Home Studies, and prayers I feel like we are quite the experts on Chinese adoption.
  6. I think Keira Grace is a beautiful name, but I'm sure once you see her you'll know :smile:
  7. I like cassandra, Madison and Emma. It'd be nice if you keep her Chinese name as her Middle name :smile:
  8. As long as you call her Ariel. I thnk that's a really pretty name with a good meaning to it.
  9. How exciting for you Bethie! You must be so ready to see your little one. I hope everything runs smoothly for you.

    I voted for Ariel Grace
  10. Congratulations! That's so exciting that you're so close now to having your daugther. I hope it all goes well for you!!!

    I love the name Ava Grace, so I voted for that one.
  11. I think Keira Grace is the prettiest and has the nicest flow.

    Ava is a beautiful name, but it is such a popular name right now.
  12. I voted for Keira Ariel. I'm biased though, my daughter's name is Keirstin Ariel. They're all beautiful names and any girl would be blessed to have any of them.
  13. Congratulations on your adoption! I'm very happy for you and your family :smile:
  14. hi! congratulations on ur baby girl!! i think it takes alot of integrity and love to adopt and i really admire anyone who is willing to give a baby a loving home! i like AVA GRACE, i think its a beautiful name. :smile:

    i quote ur post bc i dont know if its true that children in China are usally named after the province they are in. I am Chinese myself and I have many Chinese friends, and none of them are named after their provinces. for example, most of my friends are from Shanghai, and their names are VERY different from one another, not mere variations of the same name. just wanted to clarify ;)
  15. Congrats!

    Whoa...you picked names I like, so it's hard fo rme to pick!
    I love Ava Grace and Kiera Grace. I also like the "katy beth' one just because it's such a cute nickname and has your name in it!

    How about Karis? It's Greek meaning Grace.... that kind of messes w/your choice of middle name though. (Karis was my 2nd choice for my girl as I loved the name grace so much but my schools and neighborhoods are swamped w/them now for some reason)