Which Muse: Oak or Orange? And why? TIA

  1. (Pics borrowed form PF)
    1) YSL Muse in Orange

    2) YSL in Oak

  2. I have #1 and it fits my casual style and goes with everything I wear. It stands out and you do not see anyone else around you carrying one. I know chocolate, white and black are the most popular colors, but I really like mine. Let us know what you decide!
  3. I like them both, but I would go with the orange. I have a feeling it would go with everything, but it is still unusual.
  4. I like the oak. Nice color.
  5. I like them both, but I think I would take the orange one.
  6. Did you get one already. If not I would go with Orange.
  7. i must agree with the others and say the orange, it will be color that stands out and will go with much more than the brown I feel.
  8. I 100% prefer oak- I love the burnished appearance.
  9. I didn't get one yet (still hoping to find it on sale, which I think is never going to happen :sad:).
  10. orange - it's a really classic type of colour, but yet it's still distinctive and noticeable. it's neutral yet won't blend into your wardrobe. i would love one of these for myself! i actually sold my brown muse cuz the shape was so classic and the colour was too - i felt there was nothing standout about the bag. :/
  11. Orange! I have been trying to decide on a color for another muse also and the orange is the front runner so far.
  12. Orange? Is that the Biscotti?
  13. They're both gorgeous but you should go for the one you think will have the most long-term wear for yourself.

    Personally I like the Orange!! :smile: