Which Muscade Paddy Should I Keep? **Pics**

  1. Okay... well I was on a full blown search for a Muscade Paddington after I saw lv_obsessed's thread of her baby paddy (thank you for enabling! lol).

    Anyway, I couldn't find a regular paddington satchel, so I searched and searched and finally found a loaf Paddington on bluefly.com and ordered it.

    Here are pics...

    Then a couple of days later.. another tPFer posted on my thread (searching for a muscade paddy) and linked me to sabinesboutique.com. So I took a jump and bought it. I just got it and I love it...

    here are pics (by the way, i am pretty sure its authentic, but if anyone sees any red flags, please let me know)...


    Soooooo which one??


    In case anyone is interested... this is my current Chloe Collection
  2. I vote the loaf its beautiful and I just love the shape. Plus they are harder to come by!
  3. Really? The loaf was so easy to find. lol. It was the satchel I had to track down. LOL
  4. I prefer the paddington because its a better shoulder bag....
  5. Gorgeous, both of them! I say you keep the regular satchel. I feel that's where your heart is. ;)
  6. Both gorgeous!!! :drool:Looking at your current collection, I'd say go for the classic paddy because it's a smaller size than your others, giving you a little more variety! :tup: Plus, you used the word "love" when you described it - so it must be making your heart:yahoo: flutter :yahoo:just a wee bit more, no?
  7. :yahoo: CONGRATS!!! I perfer the regular paddington satchel!!!
  8. i prefer the satchel too
  9. I prefer the regular classic Paddy too! :tup:
  10. Mmmmmmmmmmm yummy...........I love them both.

    Oh well, you can't go wrong with either decision (oh and if you're feeling generous you can just donate the one you don't want to me lol!!!!! I just can't get enough muscade!:p)
  11. You are the one who got me in trouble! LOL. The first time I saw at Nordys I walked right past it and picked up my chocolate paddy tote... then I come on here and who do I see? You and your little baby. Dang it! hahaa. Plus you make it look so good... so hopefully the paddy will make me look good? :tup:

    I have a feeling classic is staying..... though the loaf is kinda cute. :smile: lol
  12. Lol I'm sorry, I have become one of those enablers like those who got me in bag trouble in the first place :p.

    I'm sure the muscade(s) will look great on you, it's an awesome color that goes with everything and gives a lift to anything you wear too!:tup:
  13. They're both gorgeous but my vote goes for classic satchel. :heart:

    Congrats, which ever you keep you cant go wrong:okay:
  14. I vote for the classic too, but they are both beautiful!
  15. this one: