Which multi function wallet?

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  1. I need something bigger than my skinnys, smaller than my wristlets/wallets...and was thinking of the multi-function wallet.

    I bought this one on a whim at the outlet this weekend ($41)...in black

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    But I'm also debating this one on eBay (as I cant' find in my local outlets)...would be in the mid $60's range.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I think the second one is bigger...and the zipper part is kinda hard to get to in the first one...

    (can you see I'm talking myself into buying the second one?)

    I can always return the first one...which do you think?
  2. I love the second one!
  3. The Gold!!
  4. think $63 is a good price for it?

    edited to add...
    nevermind...just did a BIN...heheh..thanks...paid 62.99 (comes with a gift receipt too...sweet)
  5. Beautiful and I think that is a fair price!!
  6. ^^ Doesn't take much to convince me! hehehe

    Looks like I'll be returning the black one next time I'm at the outlet...no biggie...

    this will be perfect in my new sig stripe camera bag! (As the lining is black, I think i'd "lose" a black wallet in there...and I don't like all my items to be matchy-matchy anyway..and the gold IS gorgeous!)
  7. I love that gold one, dewey! Good choice and congrats!
  8. SO gorgeous! good choice!
  9. I love the Gold one and I have been thinking of that one also. It goes with almost everything.
  10. The gold one is very cute
  11. Gold all the way baby!
  12. The gold was a great choice!! And I know what you mean about "losing" stuff in a black bag.....I call the inside of my black duffle "the black hole."

  13. My friend got the Gold one at the San Marcos outlet for about $30 (i think) they had many and they had the same one in black.

    Sorry it was $41.99
  14. dang...

    oh well - like I said, I haven't seen it in my local outlets...and I paid less than retail price. So that makes me happy.

    thanks for the info though!
  15. I saw this at the outlets as well and now regretting that I didn't pick one up for my mother especially with it being cheaper then a skinny.