Which Mulberry?

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  1. Hi all,

    I am looking at purchasing a Mulberry for everyday use and was wondering what everyone thinks is the best one for the job? Needs to be reasonably sturdy as will be carrying a wallet, phone, Filofax, ipad, ipod, keys and makeup bag.

    Personally I quite like the Alexa but have read that these are not really heavy duty bags? Don't know if a Bay would be too big on me (as I am 5' 2" and size 10)? Quite a fan of the Del Rey?

    Any opinions gratefully received! :smile:
  2. A regular alexa should be fine....it's the outsize that I thnk isn't a heavy duty bag for its size. Bays is a workhorse but gets heavy and it hand held only....the new de ray has longer handles and so can go on your shoulder and holds almost as much as a bays but I am not a fan of the shape in the regular size and prefer the small del ray which has a strap and so is a cross body option like the alexa but the small del ray won't hold as much

    So for me ranking them

    Del ray
  3. Brilliant. Thank you!
  4. An Alexa would be fine! I personally prefer the bayswater and del rey, so one of those would be my first choice. I don't think a bays would look to big on you, but best to go and try them out for yourself. :smile:
  5. I do quite like the Del Rey. I like the doctor style. Only thing with it is that hasn't got a long strap on the big one like the smaller one does. But overall I love the classic look to the del rey. I think it's a toss between the del rey and Alexa...
  6. I really like the del rey as an everyday bag. I use my bays as my winter everyday bag and the del rey as my summer. I've recently began using del rey and it's very roomy, lighter to carry than the bays and because of the top zip I find it easy to access inside. Also the straps are longer so I can easily chuck it over my shoulder
  7. I am the same height and size as you and thought the regular Del Rey looked too big on me I personally go for cross body bags either mini Alexa's or small Antony's and for hand held bags Bayswater's I love them because they fit soo much in and they go on my shoulder too 😄
  8. I use the Bayswater as a structured work bag, so much can be fitted in there and it holds it's shape. I don't know if it helps but I'm 5'6" and a size 10 and it doesn't look oversize on me.

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  9. Bays, Alex and Del Rey gets my vote!
  10. I think both would work fine for you ;) I'm only 5" and still carry my oversized alexa and bayswater ;)
    I use both as everyday bag as well but for work or carrying really heavy stuff I prefer bayswater actually. It's more structured and alexa is more soft and casual ;) but that's just my opinion. Both would work fine ;)
  11. Has anyone suggested a Bryn?
  12. Thank you so much for all the replies ladies! I think I will go into one of the outlets and try a Bays, Del Rey and Alexa on for size.