Which Mulberry To Travel With?!!

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  1. Just broke up with my fiancee and going to California (from London, UK) for a holiday. Wondering which bags to take with me - carry-on and then handbag - will only take one for the trip... appreciate any advice :smile:

    My collection is...
    Gold cracked Mulberry Bayswater (thinking this for CarryOn)
    Ink Reg Alexa
    Oak Med Mitzy Hobo
    Fuschia Mini Mabel
    Chocolate Ledbury
    Chocolate Blenheim

    Was thinking the Bays and then the Alexa - but thought maybe too much, and i wouldn't want the Alexa to get ruined if I took it around and about in LA - beach/shopping etc... but I guess I wouldn't put it on the sand and stuff right...

    Am just feeling so crappy = want my handbags to be fab so I can feel fab - even if I am feeling and looking rotten - so silly huh?!

    Thanks for your advice :smile:

    xx :biggrin:
  2. Its not sad at all, so sorry you are feeling so cr*p just now.

    I think the gold bays is the perfect bag to carry, its just so classic, but the gold will make you feel alot better than you do at the moment.

    Hope you have a fantastic trip and forget about everything that is happening back home - even if its just for a little while.
  3. Hi, sorry you're feeling down but great to get away!! Bays would be good for carry on, but might be a bit big for daytime sightseeing/shopping. Could you pack a smaller one for that? Ledbury or blenheim maybe? Let us know wht you decide :smile:
  4. Hi Angel,

    So sorry to hear your news, and a good holiday looking after yourself is what you need & deserve hun! No rash decisions, just relaxing & no pressures on you.

    You have lovely bags to choose from but for me its you gold cracked bays all the way. You will shine as you deserve to with that bays on your arm.

    Take care, Ells xxx
  5. Not the time to be conservative Angel. Your instincts are right that the bag stands on its own two feet to an extent, while you are mending inside . Break your rule and take two. Gold Cracked Bays is effortless, classy chic and Ink Alexa is new and probably very very rare in CA and will look great with jeans.

    Throw out a couple of pairs of knickers and take another bag. That's my advice for what it's worth.
  6. Here here Corries and chin up Angel, hope you start to feel better soon. At least you will look a million dollars.
  7. Sorry to read about your news Angel, but hope you have a fabulous holiday and pamper yourself lots!

    I agree re: taking your gold bays, it'll get lots of attention and admiring glances. And how about your oak mitzy for a more sling & go style, especially if you're trawling the shops for long periods -you need to keep your hands free! :biggrin:
  8. Take Alexa with you. I'm on holiday in Goa right now with my Ink Alexa which my bought from T5 duty free. She's been very good. I can't wait for my Alexa to look worn and get the vintage feel to it. I'm sure she will keep you happy during your trip.
  9. I agree with the idea of the Gold Bayswater, not sure about the second bag but would say a smaller one for when you are out and about. Having said that, I always use a large bag!

    I hope you have a fantastic trip and are able to relax.

  10. Agree with the others, take gold bays with you to cheer you up - will make you feel glam! I would take Ink Alexa as a smaller bag with handsfree option.

    Enjoy your holiday, and hope you feel better! :hugs:
  11. i think too gold bays.
    and maybe squeeze in ink alexa too.
    hope the holiday in the sunshine is fantastic:hugs:
  12. I hope you have a great trip that will cheer you up! I agree, go with the gold Bays, it's so versatile. It will be great for both day and night, dressed up and down. You will look gorgeous with it!
  13. Hi Angel, so sorry to hear you are feeling cr*p at the moment but your holiday sounds absolutely wonderful and just what you need!!

    I think your instincts were spot on! Gold bays is going to make you look and feel a million dollars and will be a great size for carry on and times you want to take more out with you. Ink Alexa will be a rare sight over there I imagine, I am sure you will get a lot of admiring glances! Alexa will be great for hands free, and will look gorgeous with jeans and your more casual clothes, especially under all that beautiful CA sunshine!

    Hope you have a fabulous trip and come back feeling refreshed and strong! Come back and let us all know how wonderful CA was and how your lovely Mulberry's behaved on their trip abroad! :hugs:
  14. Hiya :smile:

    Thanks so much for all the suggestions...think I'll go with the Gold bays for carry-on and bigger bits and the Alexa for going out and about.

    Appreciate you taking the time to write and the wishes. It's funny how forums like this and handbags and stuff can lift you up a little bit :smile: And it's nice to see when other people make happy purchases and chat and stuff.

    :smile: xx and i'll let you know how things go over there!

  15. Angel31, so sorry to hear about your breakup :sad: But, I am happy you are visiting the US :smile: It will be good for you to get away and blow off some steam.

    I think you are making a good choice in your bag choices to bring with. I do think the Alexa might be easier for you when you are sight seeing as it has the longer strap you will be more hands free. Bays is timeless and wonderful too.

    If you are going to the beach, do you have a canvas tote bag that you can fold up and squish in your suitcase for your beach days so you won't get sand on your wonderful Mullberry bags? That is always a great beach option.

    I do hope you have a wonderful time. I was in San Francisco only 1 time and that was several years ago but I had a blast.

    Enjoy, rest, forget about men and have a wonderful trip :smile: