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Which Mulberry style do you wish they had done MORE with?


viva glasvegas
Aug 29, 2007
Sorry if this has been done before but is there any bag, Roxanne, Bayswater etc that you wish Mulberry did in a certain colour scheme or leather, and is there any discontinued bag such as the Pheobe or Emmy that you wish was still part of the iconic styles and was still being done in different leathers/colours etc.

For me its a pink Pheobe, I'd love to have seen a pink or red Pheobe.:heart:


Nov 30, 2006
I'm with you on the red Phoebe. I don't think they do enough bags in red. They seem to have hundreds in ginger.
They should also bring back the Araline as it's clearly popular and lends itself to more colours. It makes such a change to have a Mulberry bag that doesn't weigh much!


Superstar DJ
Sep 8, 2007
I don't think personally i could pull off a pink bag!! I like strong deep colours.- but I s'pose for a summer wedding a little pink ledbury could be cute, or vanilla?!

I always thought along those lines,but now I'm the proud owner of Pinky,I'm typically a jeans and combat pants type of gal. But I do have some really nice summer stuff,and never a bag in summer colors so thats why I went for Pinky. I always had to go for a bag would look alright before,but now I've got one that will look fabulous!!! Never had myself pegged as a pink girl before.......................