Which Mulberry should I get? Help needed!

  1. Hi there

    I am new to this forum but have really enjoyed reading all the tips from fellow Mulberry lovers. I am hoping to buy a Mulberry for the winter (I already have a small Roxanne in a sort of deep rose colour in darwin leather) I would like either oak or chocolate or black in either the Bayswater, Mabel or similar. I am probably going to try the outlet shop (which I know has limited colours but I have been told are cheaper) would love to hear which Mulberry you recommend and where the best places to buy are! I have seen a few nice ones (and purses) on eBay but am a bit wary of going there.

    thanks in advance! :smile:
  2. If you live near an outlet shop definately go and have a browse. Personally I love my chocolate ivy bayswater- will be a great winter bag! i got mine from bicester outlet and they had quite a few bayswaters but mostly in discontinued colours (didn't see any plain black, oak or chocolate ones) They may have a few mabels in too by now. Bayswater is a classic that i don't think you can go wrong with as long as you don't mind the weight of the darwin leather!
  3. thanks for replying. Yes I love the Bayswater and Darwin leather too. Really did want black, oak or chocolate though - may ring the outlet shop and then they can tell me what they have in first - don't really live close enough to just pop in unfortunately!
  4. Just be sure of the style you want because the outlets don't give refunds although they will exchange. It's best to decide on the style so you know what you are looking for and call them to see what colours they have. The factory shop has been getting the Mabel in if you're interested in it. I saw it in caramel, chocolate, red and purple.
  5. Hello there! It is a lovely site isn't it?Everyone is very freindly, and always seem ready to offer up useful advice and opinions,I first came on here looking for the name of a bag,(I have found out what it is,and even though I don't always have too much time to spare with Sophie,16 months) I still keep coming on here!
    Well onto your question,it really depends what you have in mind for its main use I suppose,make a bit of a mental check-list and see how many boxes it ticks for you.If it helps my criteria is based on the everyday use I need it for, lugging nappies,bottle,snacks,my stuff,sometimes my husbands stuff and a bit of left over room for any stuff I might get that day so Ican keep my hands free.I also thought a structured bag may not be best for me at the mo as my bags take a lot of punishment,so unfortunantely a Bayswater is not a good choice for me!
    I find my Elgin in oak color best as its so deep and the color is good for this season,sometimes I'll use my chocolate Roxanne if I think I might be lugging a bit less that day(usually never works out like that though!) Before we were lucky enough to be in a good financial position that I can now afford to have a couple,I went for chocolate as I thought it would go with so much more and be a bit less tying than black,and it did! Right through from the end of summer right up to the end of spring,if thats important to you? An outlet store is a brilliant idea,but some of the less 'popular' colors such as green may be a good choice? So keep your mind open!I also am too wary to use E-bay,as we're not well off enough to afford the 'fake mistake'!Let us know on what you decide,its very exciting,good shopping!xxxx
  6. thanks all for your much needed contributions! I am watching a black bayswater on eBay at the moment which ends tomorrow - it is used but apparently in excellent condition - it is up to £175 at the mo but have not had the guts to bid on it yet!

    I still fancy the bayswater in chocolate brown or black. I need something big (although my small Roxanne is brilliant) and would like a more wintery colour than my Roxanne - as I have a chocolate purse - that seems a good colour choice.

    Think it will either have to be eBay or the mulberry site (the outlet store does not have the colours I fancy at the moment)

    Will let you know what I get and thanks all - much appreciated.
  7. Good luck on your ebay auction!

    In my opinion the most beautiful Mulberry is bayswater in oak darwin.
    It's just gorgeous!!
  8. thanks - I love the Bayswater and darwin leather combination - and love the classic colours - let's hope the ebay one is genuine! :s
  9. Hi, I am new to this forum and yet to have purchased my first Mulberry (though I really want to do so somewhat soon). Are there any Mulberry outlets in the United States or any great places to find a deal online?

  10. Good luck finding a Mulberry in the States. If you are in CA, Nordstrom's sells them. I am ordering my first (a black Somerset tote) from the Mulberry store in NJ. Once I get that then I am going to search Ebay UK for an Oak Bayswater. If you want used, the UK ebay is much better. These ladies will authenticate them for you and you can search the forum for the reputable sellers. Good Luck!