Which Mulberry should I buy?

  1. I really want a Mulberry bag, however I don't know which to go for! It needs to fit over my shoulder comfortably and be quite spacious. I really love the Oxford and Carnaby (on Mulberry site, coming soon), but I have no idea on the sizings. I would prefer it to be a recognisable Mulberry style. Below £500 if possible! It would be helpful if you pick a style from www.mulberry.com, so that I can picture them.
    Thank you in advance for any input! :heart:
  2. If you want a recognisable mulberry maybe go for one of the 'iconic' styles on the website. personally I love my oak annie - it's a shoulder bag (although would be a bit of a squeeze over a thick winter coat). How much are you looking to carry in your bag? The darwin leather bags are quite heavy.
  3. I would say annie, or phoebe or of course, the roxanne!
  4. I like the new East West Bayswater - I have it and think it is the perfect size!!
  5. I love my Roxanne. It only fits over the shoulder comfortably in summer though.

    How about the Bayswater? Beautiful,sleek and classic bag and fits over the shoulder.
  6. I would go for the bayswater it is a perfect size and not too heavy I have 5 in different colours and never get tired of it
  7. I know that Roxanne has been out a long time now but I have come back to it.

    It feels super to carry. Big but not huge. Squashes nicely under your arm.

    Useful pockets not like the silly little ones on the Emmy, Alana and Kensington.

    Straps are a bit silly to do up but there is something a bit daft about most Mulberry bags. If they are too sensible, I think that they are a bit dull.

    Also like the Emmy in oak (so long as you don't mind the useless top pocket).

    Haven't met the Large Springfield in the flesh yet but suspect it is a good bag.

    I think Annie is a bit small and that Pheobe is a rather repellant shape.

    The postman's lock on my Bayswater is irritating unless you have the flap at just the right angle.