Which Mulberry leathers have we washed with success??

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  1. Hello all.

    I hope you don't mind me starting this thread in the main forum area. It didn't seem to quite fit in the "Repair/Care" category, as it goes against all of the Mulberry Care Card instructions!

    What I hoped we can do here is confess to having put our Mulberrys through the washing machine! I must admit I followed someone else's example on here in a "nothing to lose" attitude and with great success!

    Mine was a large Mabel in "Antique lightweight leather" (pebble colour). I put her inside a pillowcase and the most delicate wash on the machine (no spin), using non-bio liquid. Stuffed with newspaper afterwards to dry in a couple of days & all of the stains / marks washed right out!

    So, if you have been brave and washed one of the Mulberry leathers, it would be really helpful to add to this list to maybe help others transform their old beauties :smile:

    I'm contemplating washing an Eggplant colour 'Pebbled leather' Mitzy tote next.... Anyone tried washing that leather please?!?
  2. I'm too much of a whimp to wash any of mine.... :nuts:
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    I seem to recall a Mitzy going through the wash by accident ( helpful husband I think ) and it lived to tell the tale .
    Not 'washed' as such , but my brand new Teal Antony was half soaked through in a violent thunder storm so I dunked him in a sink of cold water to soak the rest of it to match the water stain and he was fine . It's a Buffalo leather - shiny from memory .
  4. I have washed my black Darwin Bayswater. Not in washing mashine but in sink. It is second hand bag and interior was little dirty. Now it looks very good, washing did not do any damage.
  5. I remember Kriscat put a red goatskin Mabel through the washing machine! :smile:
  6. I have washed a black Darwin leather Bayswater in the kitchen sink, came up really well and the interior stains disappeared. Was a bit dry afterwards but loads of Collonil sorted her out.
    I have also wiped over an oak NVT lily to freshen her up. I then rolled the leather between my fingers to disperse any water marks, worked a treat
  7. I washed the interior of a Mitzy pouch in the sink with washing up liquid. It came up really well. I've been contemplating what to do with my Mitzy messenger in turquoise. I bought it cheap on eBay, I think I will put it in a pillowcase in the wash tomorrow and see how it fares! It's really grubby so it can't get any worse..
  8. Excellent tip! I think I'll at least try washing the fabric interior of this Mitzy too (for starters). It's a "new to me" from ebay too & whilst it's physically in great condition, it reeks of cigarette smoke :sad:

    I've been driving to work with it hanging in open window of car to get a good blowing :roflmfao:
    Baking soda inside during day whilst I'm in office :graucho:
    Febreze inside nightly ;)

    And a week later it's not better enough, so I'm eyeing up that pillowcase & my Hotpoint!

    Please do some before & after photos if you go for it with Mitzy turquoise - Good Luck!!!:salute:
  9. I understand entirely - you definitely have to be in a "nothing to lose" frame of mind to dunk a Mulberry beauty!
  10. Thanks so much for sharing your stories! Do you remember which leather your Mitzy was please?

    The antique lightweight leather Mabel had a shiny finish to it like your Buffalo. Maybe that's what toughens them up :biggrin:
  11. Excellent news!!! Darwin really is in a league of its own! Did it retain it's beautiful smell OK??
  12. :lol: Poor Mabels, what do we do to them?!? I hope goatskin was a success story for Kriscat!
  13. Wow - that's 2 Darwin's washed in the sink with success! I read that rolling trick somewhere on this forum too. Great tips everyone, thanks so much :tup:
  14. Have you got a handheld steam cleaner? Worked a treat for me on the inside of a very perfume smelly clipper that I bought second hand. After 3 goes the smell was gone.

  15. I just checked, it still has the Darwin smell ️