Which Mulberry are you carrying today?

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  1. Os black alexa today and yesterday.

    This is her first trip to the office!

  2. ooo lovely - do you have a photo of her in action? Would love to see - was so tempted to buy recently! Xx
  3. Still Have my oak leopard Mitzy :smile: from disliking this style to loving it!!
  4. Oxblood shrunken calf Alexa. She looks & smells divine!
  5. Emerald mabel today
  6. Lusting here....I so adore that bag
  7. Lovely bag and it is amazing condition (especially considering Mulberry stopped making them a while back). I think the Mabel is a very under rated style. I lost out on an emerald Mabel on eBay about a year ago and haven't seen one on there since.
  8. Cheers CP, I love it too whether dressed smart or casually it just works.
  9. Cheers Elvis, I love it too!
  10. Thanks batfish, it was a preloved one I foundon eBay last year which was barely used. It's one of my favourite style mulberry bags & what drew me to the brand in the first place.
  11. That's so pretty! Lovely colour and a lovely bag! I really like the Mabel- they are such a practical looking bag!
  12. Mine too, my first Mulberry was a chocolate Mabel. The prices they go for on eBay are crazy, as in crazy low.
  13. I know but on the plus side I will never sell mine as they go for so little...the mabel purses were the best they have ever made imo
  14. Trusted black effie satchel in this d@nm miserable wet weather! Still waiting for the bus.

    Glad I used her for work, tubes were heaving today and she was squashed/had other direct human contact quite a bit today

    New Del Rey not left the bedroom yet although I'm guessing grainy leather is pretty hardy.

  15. Thank you Fommom, it's such a great style & is very practical with the outer compartments!