Which Mulberry are you carrying today?

  1. Oops forgot the pic and I know the 2 don't exactly match, but hey who cares :smile:[/QUOTE]

    I agree, I think they look good together!!

  2. Thank you MsSJones! :smile:
  3. Yes must admit it looks fab as messenger as well as hand held- quite versatile
  4. Using my oak Lily fir the first time this year!

  5. I've always loved the evelina :smile:
  6. Giving my mulberry pink bays its first use today.
  7. Using deer brown medium lily to go out for lunch today

  8. Regular Alexa in conker.
  9. My bays didn't work out so well so June's bag is my small del Rey in red glossy goat. Loving it so far.
  10. Lovely colour!
  11. Grass green lily yesterday & oak lexie today.
  12. That looks a perfect Lexi, love the leather on this
  13. My favourite colour Lexi! Looks really soft and supple
  14. Amazing picture. Really professional looking and a fab bag
  15. Cute bag..... Reminds me I must use mine