Which Mulberry are you carrying today?


Jun 24, 2017
I love you are all carrying Lily’s and Alexa’s. As a massive Mulberry fan these are my two favourite bag styles. Alexa is so roomy and a great causal or work bag. Lily, I use my black with silver hardware mostly for going out but my oak in the original nvt leather works perfectly for smart or causal events. It is a great bag as it’s one of the few smaller bags I’ve found that fits a long purse. The chain looks good and is very versatile.

I carried my black Lily and black Alexa this week. These are photos I’ve used before.
7DE31FAB-4F84-48DC-B8F4-771A0AFE3671.jpeg B64A81DD-CA11-4707-B387-0EED6B06A1E3.jpeg
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