Which Mulberry are you carrying today?

  1. Lily for a party this weekend IMG_20181217_163525_277~2.jpg
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  2. Last day in the office before holidays - but this year I have to cover our director office so only off until 27 December

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  3. Effie hobo
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  4. Pavement grey Alexa for a chilly night out [​IMG]
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  5. A very ‘blonde’ day today!

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    Bought this online last week and it arrived on Saturday. My first Mulberry and definitely not the last!
    This is the antique blue mini Bayswater if anyone's curious! Actual colour is slightly darker than the pic I posted (the sun was shining!). I am in love!
  7. Truly gorgeous, congrats! I’m thinking about getting this bag in black or clay.
  8. Get it! No regrets!

    I went to the store the other day and they had a storewide sale even for classic colours - small zipped Bayswater in oxblood was approx. sgd1400 (Singapore) which is about usd1070. I'm thinking of getting another...