Which Mulberry are you carrying today?

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  1. My brand new Bayswater and my first ever (but not last) Mulberry purchase!
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  2. it's gorgeous!!
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  3. My new Mulberry Leighton.
  4. So gorgeous! Is this the mini? Which colour is the lining?
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  5. Thanks! :smile: It's all in black. Yes, I do think it's the mini zipped Bayswater. As I've seen the same one just slightly larger in the store.
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  6. Thanks for answering! :smile: I‘m thinking about getting this too, but can‘t really decide about the size.
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  7. Ah! Well I'm not very tall (around 1.60 cm) and the mini fits me just fine. My friend who is taller around (1.80) tried the bigger one and it looked great. Both suited us fine though, so I suppose it's about how much space you want. My mini has one small pocket and fits a wallet, a knitted hat, an umbrella, my work card, and some small items like lipstick or chewing gum. :smile:
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  8. That sounds like more than enough space :smile: I was leaning towards the mini also because of the crossbody option!
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  9. Mulberry Leighton and Mulberry wool scarf on a trip.
  10. very stylish and tasteful!! :tup:
    Safe travels! :smile:
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  11. Alexa at Rugby 7's
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  12. [​IMG]
    Mini Alexa polished buffalo silver hardware
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  13. Back to my Bayswater with a Hermès scarf

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  14. Lily :hbeat:
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