Which Mulberry are you carrying today?

  1. Wore my Mulberry heritage Bayswater to the office the other day :smile:

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  2. carried again the same Lily yesterday, such a nice bag to use! :heart:
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  3. Pumpkin Bayswater with a Hazelnut Praline Latte in Costa this morning! IMG_8108.jpg
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  4. My new love ️ now I am addicted to Mulberry‘s leather and I am asking myself why I did not purchase it earlier

  5. I’m carrying my mini zipped Bayswater in black. I’m very traditional, and find it’s a perfect style and size for a daily wear bag (bought it in 3 colors).
  6. Now November has set in, I've unearthed 20180817_135645.jpg my vintage oak Darwin Euston for everyday use - it holds lots and the leather is so thick that it can cope with bad weather!!
  7. It’s perfect! You would never know that a drop of rain had touched it. I had already treated it with Collonil gel, which nourishes and waterproofs - but wouldn’t have worried about this leather type anyway as the surface is quite ‘finished’ vs a leather like the classic NVT
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  8. Sorry, duplicate post!
  9. Love this!
  10. I’m carrying the Bayswater shoulder bag today.
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  11. IMG_2575.jpg
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  12. 7E052A4E-FAEC-4E7B-9432-1E323504EEB6.jpeg Tessie Hobo in Oxblood ready for weekend shopping trip.
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  13. IMG_2071.JPG long-time fan/lurker but now I have something to share! Just picked up the Tenby in burgundy.
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  14. Chocolate brown Somerset Tote, packed and ready for a shopping trip tomorrow! 20181120_140823.jpg
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  15. Black Alexa
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