Which Mulberry are you carrying today?

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  1. Thought I'd start using my birds next sbs for the weekend already :smile:
  2. Medium Dorset tote in forest fruit for a but of shopping with my mum and her Daria satchel in oak :smile:
  3. Bit**
  4. Cecily!!! :biggrin:
  5. I do love this bag jp23 i have the med Cecily but this is so much cuter X
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  6. I loveeeee the medium Cecily!!!! so when the mulberry outlet first opened here a very nice SA told me they'd be having the scalloped cecilys. And I had my heart set on getting a medium Cecily in black! But when I got there they only had it in the beigey color and since I have a sbs beige cookie I felt they were too similar and passed.. But I didn't leave the outlet unhappy I spotted the zigzag Lexi through the window and fell in love lol! But the Cecily was still on the top of my wish list on magically one popped up on eBay for a very good price! it wasn't a medium but for the price I was like IM ON IT lol! I have to admit I do baby her a lot she gets little scratches but scuffs from no where but I usually am able to get them Out with the leather gel but it soaks it up like CRAZY! lol sorry that was a lot hahahaha
  7. It took me ages to find the medium cecily one popped up on designervintage.com and was on there for a while i put an offer in and waited eventually the seller accepted and i was over the moon.

    Its def a bag to get excited about i love the look and design of it and i have bought mine out to use tomorrow.
  8. Drizzle daria medium hobo for my last day at work until Friday : )

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  9. Medium lily to brave the rain! Slightly too scared to use any of the other girls and the grainy print is so resilient!

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  10. All that colonil paid off- graphite Bays survived in the rain!
  11. Alexa camera bag
  12. Toffee daria for a quick dash to sainsburys to get some more drinks for tomorrow.
  13. Oak Alexa has accompanied me to our Xmas cottage. She got an extra spray of colonial to protect her xx
  14. Out with ziggy for some really last min Christmas shopping lol!!! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1387907197.026160.jpg
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