Which Mulberry are you carrying today!?

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  1. Black Hayden messenger, again (love this bag) but why, oh why are they so hard to find out there ? any one know ??? x
  2. Plaster Pink Alexa!
  3. no one it is raining too much, I will not even leave the house
  4. Oak Euston again today, because it's been a very long day (last day at school so started VERY early) and I just could not be bothered to change bags this morning.
  5. Happy holidays Plemont :biggrin:
  6. Left my Fuschia Bays home. She is Colonilled, but it was really awful weather.
    So I am carrying my other love, a Bal is more weatherproof
  7. Ah thank you DP! I'm finishing a week early because I have an exciting study/work trip planned (and I don't think I'm taking any of my Mulberries with me although one of the old ladies might sneak into my suitcase at the last minute:p)
  8. That does sound exciting, I predict there may be a Kipling :shocked: being packed :p
  9. How did you guess?:graucho: Yep, Kipling for hand luggage and day bag.
  10. My conker push polly went to the HOF in High Wycombe.:smile:
  11. Haha, it's funny how you "know" someone!! Your trip sounds like an adventure.....:biggrin:
  12. Not so much an adventure, more like stepping outside my comfort zone and grabbing a study opportunity - two weeks at an European university on an Erasmus programme (well it's an adventure to me!) I travel on Sunday - hope there's internet access so I can get my daily tpf fix:biggrin:
  13. Sounds exciting Plemont - but potentially 14 days without TPF - doesn't really bear thinking about does it!!:graucho:....but pray, do tell, who IS this Erasmus chappie...medieval scholar??....or maybe a secret cult you're not letting on about!!! (hehe!)
  14. Some nice old bloke who's subsidising most of the trip, so all I need to take is spending money:biggrin: - nah, it's the EU's student exchange programme, which luckily doesn't discriminate against oldies like me
  15. By the way - Lady O - she won't go anywhere without me at the moment (well, I tell a lie - she didn't like the idea of Tesco the the recycling the other day so only accompanied me under duress!) - off to Southampton tomorrow and poss. seafood lunch down on the Hamble - so she is very approving of THAT!!!:graucho:;)
Thread Status:
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