Which Mulberry are you carrying today!?

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  1. Fuschia Effie satchel. Needed a colour pop today!
  2. Tomato small Neely today. :smile:
  3. Thanks, sounds like you had a great time too :smile: So glad it didn't rain as predicted! He he, know what you mean about too much food and drink - am too scared to get on the scales now, eeek :graucho:

    I was going to use my Alexa hobo originally for the airport but didn't for the same reasons as you - took my Gucci Sukey Boston as my airport bag and then switched between my Bella hobo and Chloe Marcie satchel during the week. Bella did very well considering she is such a light colour - not a mark on her! :biggrin:
  4. Bright cabbage sparkle tweed bayswater :sunshine:
  5. My new Oak Tillie - it's first outing out (as long as this rain holds off):rain::rain:
  6. Black SBS today, but she made the trip to work in a Topshop carrier as the rain was ridiculous!
  7. :lolots:
  8. This glorious wexford messenger :biggrin:
    Mulberry Wexford Messenger Briefcase and Brown 8 hole Doc Martens.jpg
  9. Oak Euston, because she has a lovely waterproof patina (having said that, it's not actually raining...... Yet!)
  10. What do you think I would be wearing today....???
    Sitting next to me, so I can see/smell her

  11. Effie satchel today as she was feeling unloved :love:
  12. Another quick trip out with alexa ss nightshade.... Lush!!

    Anyone any idea on a Bracelet to match?!?!? Have been looking everywhere!

    I'm praying that due to the new ink blue coming out, M will bring out an ink blue ss bracelet....
  13. Foggy grey Alexa :smile:
  14. My small polly push in conker.
  15. A4 Roxanne in Chocolate. Fits everything nicely. I just wish it would stay better on the shoulder though
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.