Which Mulberry are you carrying today!?

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  1. Black roxy came to the hairdressers today.
  2. Stuck indoors with a cold, but yesterday, OS Oak Alexa with the tan Paul Smith Kings boots for a job interview.
  3. #4 Sep 25, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2010
    Oak bays today!

    New thread! :woohoo: How exciting!
  4. My latest addition...Leah Messenger in Oxblood:happydance:
  5. chocolate Ellison shopping!
  6. RN Mitzy Messenger - again!!
  7. mulberry roxanne in rio.
  8. Choc Mollie has been out with me for the last couple of weeks. I love her really....! And she gets a lot of compliments actually
  9. Burnt orange Daria again.. because she's still my one and only (for now..:graucho:) but also because she's so lovely in this fall weather! So many compliments.
  10. First black Bays in the morning and OL Lexie in the evening. Great day :biggrin: Mulberry wise!
  11. Choc Roxy today!
  12. Ink Reg Alexa shopping in London today.
  13. Oak leopard alexa. Love that bag xx
  14. I am so lazy ... been using the same bag since just after summer sale .. ink Daria hobo! :P

    ETA - actually .. I take that back. I think I was using turq Mitzy for a while too!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.