Which Morning After Mini would you keep?


Which Mornning After Mini Bag would you keep?

  1. Tomato! (warm red)

  2. Wine! (cool red)

  3. Both! (Even though thats ridiculous!)

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  1. Hoo boy! I really got myself in a predicament now! After I receive the mini in green from the sample sale, I am soo not buying anymore handbags! :roflmfao:(shaww, rioght!)

    Anyhow, which of these MAM's would you keep?

    1st pic: Tomato
    2nd pic: Tomato closeup
    3rd pic: Wine
    4th pic: Wine closeup
    5th pic: Tomato and Wine next to each other.
  2. I love the wine!! So if you want to part with it, I'll take it!
  3. WHOA! I totally posted this is in the wrong place. I am so sorry mods and fellow tpf'ers! Please feel free to move this post!

    Im sorry! :crybaby:
  4. I voted for the tomato ONLY because you already have the wine Matinee and wine MA...
  5. ^ Since you already have a wine MA and wine Matinee, eBay this wine MAM!
  6. WINE!! Though you already have it, but I love wine!
  7. ^Oh thank you Megs! For your post, and for moving my thread to the right place. Sorry about that!
  8. Oh, love the wine! But I agree with everyone else...if you already have 2 other wine bags, keep the tomato.
  9. ^No I just have the wine Matinee!
  10. If you already have one wine RM, I say keep the tomato! Both are beautiful reds though...
  11. OOoh i'm sorry - I thought I read another post where you had the RM MA in wine...oops. Maybe you should keep the wine then...sorry I'm no help!
  12. ^LOL, its cool! I was totally going to buy the regular MA in wine but decided not to. I found the MAM in wine on eBay and HAD to buy it!
  13. I say the Wine. LOVE that color!
  14. My vote is for Wine. It's a beautiful color.
  15. i voted wine cause i like the color better BUT :smile: If you already have a wine one then i would keep tomato for some variety! :smile: