Which Monogram wallet should I buy for my sister?

Which wallet should I buy for my sister?

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  • Zippy

  • International (PTI)

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A taste for the arts
Oct 7, 2006
I'm buying my sister a Monogram wallet for Christmas. It will match the Speedy 30 I bought her about 4 years ago. I know she will be totally thrilled because they will be a great set.

She's a working mom with a ton of stuff to cart around. I am trying to get her a wallet that would be easy to use but hold a ton of stuff -- not just money and credit cards but receipts, etc.

Which wallet would you recommend? I think it's looking like the International because I like the coin purse with a snap and it also looks like the credit card slots are easiest to access.

Here are my options:



International (also known as PTI):

Sassy Sue

LV Galliera Girl
Aug 13, 2009
Is her current wallet a zip-around, or some version of snap closure? I think that would be an important indicator of what she might prefer. Is her wallet always "stuffed"? - (if so, definitely the zippy). Also, I would be worried about coins falling out from the snap coin closure (might be annoying) on the PTI.

All said, if you think she would be OK with a zip-around, it seems that the zippy might meet her needs best.

They are all great - you really can't go wrong - just not sure about the coin compartment on the PTI.