Which Monogram do you think LV should create next?


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Apr 18, 2007
Oporto, Portugal
So... I went do my parents house for the weekend and, since I didn't have that much to do but eat and sleep, I thought it would be fun to imagine which version of the monogram would LV be creating next.
I think all of us already know about the Monogram Techno or Degrade... but, what's next?
My thought goes to "Monogram Technicolour" lol! Some sort of multicolour (regular size) with that black patent leather trim (or white if we're talking about black MC), with fading colours, or the regular onles in a fading background... Can you picture it? I'll try to photoshop my idea to show you!

Which are your ideas? Materials, colours? Anything?

(MODs, please feel free to move this thread to another area since I'm not sure if this fits in gerenal LV)


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Jan 26, 2007
I agree, it will probably be something sparkly or metallic. They have already shrunken it, turned it into a rainbow, put it on denim, now they're degrading it so I think that's the future!