Which monogram belt to get. Please Help!!

  1. I was looking thru eluxury and came across this TDF LV monogram belt :heart: . It comes in two sizes. Which one should I get and why?

    Monogram Pochette Belt 30

    Monogram Canvas Pochette Belt 40
  2. Hey preciousmoment,

    Love the belts, I own the size 30. Are you getting it because of work? Or do you just need a belt. I use my pochette all the time, very useful (but only for work). Have you gone to a store and tried it any on? That's the best way for you to find out. Good luck they're brilliant.

  3. I like the 40 because you can carry more in it:yes:
  4. I have one really similar to this but it doesn't have the pouch. My belt looks a lot like the 40 tho and DH wears it to work daily. Love them!
  5. You are right, I should stop by LV and try it on. But I just don't have time to stop by, so busy. Ordering it online is so much easier for me.

    I thought it would be nice to have when you don't want to carry your purse and still look stylish.

    Can a thin cellphone, credit cards and money fit into the pouch? :p
  6. I'd get the 40... it would store a lot more like Cec stated.
  7. 40 for more space since u want to put cell, cc in:yes:
  8. 40! just like the others, more space:yes:
  9. I like the 40. You can see more of the monogram pattern on it, and can hold more in it!
  10. I'd say 40 too.... but depends on how much you have to carry in it :smile:
  11. I got the 30 and the pochette is small and could only fit a couple of credit cards. I wish I got the 40 instead.