Which Mono Wallet Would You Get?

  1. Hi,

    I think I may take pull the trigger and get my first LV wallet. I saw three of them quickly yesterday and am so confused. I need help please. Here are my requirements:

    - Holds 6 to 8 credit cards
    - Has a coin compartment
    - Not too small, yet not too bulky
    - Durable, one that will not fall apart for at least 10 years

    I saw the zipped wallet and I love it. I need to know if it is too much hassle to open the zipper everytime? Also, will the fabric on the zipper fall apart quickly? Is it wallet too long?

    I think I have narrowred down my choices to 3:

    - Zipped wallet
    - Alexandra wallet
    - Pochette wallet

    If it helps, I have a Mono Speedy 25, Popincourt Haut, Mat Allston and Mono Pochette Accessoires.

    Thanks a million.
  2. i have a pochette wallet and i LOVE it. i think it fits all your requirements. i have a speedy 25 and it fits fine.
  3. Thanks Caley.

    Anyone else with the zippy or Alexandra?
  4. My fave mono wallet EVER is the travel wallet that has a removable passport holder. I use the removable part to keep receipts, medical, discount cards, etc since I am not a traveler. Or I also use it was a small wallet when I carry a tiny bag.

    It is just big enough for a checkbook but still seems like a small wallet as it does fit in my pochette. Has a zipper pouch, open slot for cash in the top and plenty of places for cards. Works well nearly empty or everstuffed .I have never liked a wallet so much and had to get my mom one because she loved mine so and she doesnt even like LV! lol

    They currently have it on elux. I ADORE it. Highly recommend it since it's like two wallets in one.

    Louis Vuitton
    Zipped Wallet with ID Paper Holder $665.00

    Though the exterior is classically spare and beautiful, the interior of this full-featured wallet offers an abundance of storage options. A wraparound zipper protects a divided coin purse with gusseted sides, while the snapped strap opens to an extra-deep currency pocket, credit-card slots, and two pockets. A removable holder has opaque windows to neatly store identification papers.
    Monogram canvas with textured leather lining and golden hardware
    Removable leather ID holder with opaque windows (3.5" x 5.25")
    Zipped coin purse with divider and expandable sides
    Five credit-card slots, two side pockets (one for storing the ID holder), and a deep currency pocket
    4.5" L x 6.4" H


    Here are actual photos posted by tPFer Z&J on another thread so you can see the inside:



    Edit to Add: I also own Porte tresor international wallets in multi and mono, a card and yen mono wallet and a multi pochette NM wallet. This one is BY FAR my fave of all I've ever owned.
  5. pochette wallet and zipper wallet are the same. the new ones hold 10 cards I believe. I'd buy that or the zippy wallet.

    PTI is nice as well :smile: the new ones hold 10 cards as well.
  6. I bought the pochette wallet a few weeks ago and I LOVE it!!! It's awesome. It's a rectangular wallet but it's definitely not bulky. It holds six credit cards on the inside and there are four more slots on the outside that are hidden once the wallet is snapped shut. It's by far the best wallet that I have ever owned. The Porte Tresor International is Louis Vuitton's most popular long wallet so I think it's a matter of personal preference. I would suggest that you go back to the store and try them out just to be sure.

    I just tested it out and the wallet will fit in the pochette accessories although it's a very tight squeeze You probably won't be able to fit much else inside. Fitting it into a speedy 25 certainly won't be an issue. Good luck!
  7. i love the french pusre. the snap closure is much easier than a zip when you have your hands full.
  8. Thanks everyone for your feedback, I greatly appreciate it.

    mlowran - thanks for the pics and suggestion. I would like to stay under $600 but I will take a look the next time I'm in LV. Looks like a great wallet.

    So many chioces, if I can't make up my mind, I may just get the papillon 25 in mono. All these choices are driving me crazy.
  9. I have the Zippy, but in Pomme.

    I love how organized I am! It is not a pain at all to zipper it all the time. I actually prefer the zip. Everything is very secure, and it can't possibly pop open.

    Have fun choosing!
  10. Eugenie Wallet in mono.
  11. MatAllston: so funny that you're top three wallet choices are exactly like mine! But I'm leaning towards the Zippy.
  12. i have pochette wallet, i love it, even i go put my passport inside when go oversea. i can say it can last about 10 yrs. hehehheheheh... my next mono wallet will be French purse (can hold 8 cc) or zippy wallet (8 cc). for your information, pochette wallet can hold up to 10cc, u still still can put the cc inside the coin compartment. it is very useful not so bulky. love it so much.
  13. Thanks everyone.

    Tryagain- do you know how much the mono zippy wallet is in RM? Thx.
  14. I like the Pochette wallet or have you considered the Koala?
  15. I would recommend the Zippy!