Which Mono Speedy 25 or 30?

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  1. which size do you like better and why?
  2. I have the mono Speedy 25, I tried the mono Speedy 30 in the store and it was just too big for me. I don't need a bag that big and I don't have that much stuff to tote around. I am 5'6. Sorry I dont have any pics :sad:
  3. I have both - I ended up giving my daughter the 25 because I like the 30 so much better. Once I got the 30, I never used the 25 anymore. It's not that much bigger - but big enough to be easier to get in and out of and it holds just enough more things. I am 5'3.
  4. all my Speedies are the 25, because i'm only 5'4" at 110lbs, and even though i have many big bags, the 30 somehow looks unnaturally big on me
  5. I am tall and like big bags...I went with the 30 and wish that I would have gotten the 35...I find the 30 too small and I am tempted to get a 35 but, then I would own two mono speedies and I do not need two....
  6. I'm very petit so I got the 25...
    I'd love to get the 30... but it just looks so big on me...
  7. 30 for sure, the opening to the 25 is way too narrow. I thought the 30 was too big, but I quickly filled it and I completely love it.
  8. I like the 25 better. I find it is the perfect size.
  9. I like the 30 it is just a nice size.
  10. I prefer 25, even though I think it's tiny. I find 30 too big, even though I have bigger bags (they tend to be more vertical, though).

    I wish there was a size in between. But I'd still go for the 25.
  11. 30; 25 looks deformed.
  12. Love the 25.
  13. I have and prefer the 30 but the 25 looks cute too. Just that the handles look a little huge on the 25 IMO.
  14. for me its a 30. i just think that big bags are so adorable
  15. really?... "deformed?" hrmmm... in what way? lol honestly...

    fyi both bags are beautiful.. i have a mono speedy 25 and a damier speedy 25. i'm barely 5 feet tall and prefer the 25, the 30 seemed huge on me. Whatever one you get, it'll look awesome :yes: