Which Mono Speedy... 25 or 30?

  1. If you were 5' 1" tall 110 lbs, which Mono Speedy would you prefer 25 or 30?

    Although I went to the LV Boutique to purchase a 25, I ended up buying the 30. The 25 seemed a bit small when I carried it and looked in the mirror. Although it is spacious inside, it seemed a little tight getting my things in and out easily.

    Now, I'm having second thoughts. Should I have gotten the 25? :confused1:

    Please tell me what you think.
  2. I am 5' 1" and I think the 30 is just too big for me.

    The Saleya PM is 26cm across at the base (wider at the top) and is just right for me, so I plan to get a Speedy 25.
  3. I'm 5'0 and i think the 30 is perfect for me! Granted, I loooooove bigger bags and my mother, who is my same height, wants a 25 but I thought the 25 was tiny when I tried it on..i think its pretty much just preference and how much you think u will really carry..
  4. i'm about 5' 1" and the 25 is def. the right size for me. i thought the 30 was just too big- and i like big bags- but i prefer the 25 in a speedy. it's big enough to hold what i carry and it feels subtle- like just enough.
  5. i'm 5'4" and 110 lbs now, and i can ONLY pull off the Speedy 25. anything bigger looks silly on me
  6. I definitely think that you can wear a 30. Big bags are in. Personally, I don't like the 25. It really is a matter of preference. So, since you did try both bags on in the boutique, you probably made the right choice.
  7. I'm 5'2" and opted for the 25. My SA agreed the 30 looked big on me.
  8. when I was going to get mine, I was planning to get the 30 but after looking in the mirror I decided with the 35 cuz I put a lot of things in my bag (sweater, books, you name it, it's prolly in there)...and I don't like the look if it's stuffed to the max
  9. I really don't understand the idea why the 30 would look rediculous on petite people. I think you should pick the size you like and the one that would be more useful. I have never looked at a woman with a speedy 30 who was petite and thought "OMG, that bag overpowers her." There are some bags like the large Gucci hobo that are HUGE and maybe with that size, I can see it looks a little strange on some petite women but not a speedy 30.
  10. Personally, I don't think that it really matters, it isn't like you actually wear it on your body, as you do the batignolles horizontal/vertical. Both look absolutely fine whatever your height, it just boils down to whether you can fit all of your things in a 25. I have both bags and can say that I hardly ever use the 30 because I don't have enough things to fill it with.
  11. I am 5'2 and 115lbs. and I would only purchase the 30. I don't feel it overpowers me at all! I carry a ton and need the space!
  12. I just bought the mono speedy 30 today. The 25 looks to small to me.
  13. Congrats! I love the 30.
  14. I'm 5'4" and 110 lb, and I have the 30 - I love it and think it's perfect for me! I think it's a matter of personal preference.
  15. Yep and women your height also go around toting the Birkin 35...when it comes to THAT bag, nobody cares whether the bag overpowers the person carrying it, they only think "wow a Birkin!!" So in short, go for the size that will suit your needs best :smile: